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So many of us are tasked with the responsibility of developing and mentoring others to maximize their professional experience, but who’s helping you?  We are. Come to the 2015 PDC Winter Meeting to access tools to help you assess your performance, identify your work styles, and develop your full potential.  Spend the day focused on you.  It’s like a spa day for your career. Join your colleagues from across the country as we explore ways to become better thought leaders,...
Anita Zigman was one of the very early members of the PDC.  And she gave so much to the organization through her ideas, and her straight-forward common-sense approach to what we do.  The term “thought leader” is ridiculously overused these days, but it is a perfect description of Anita.  Smart, experienced, analytical, kind, and a true “leader.” Anita served as a Member of the inaugural New York State CLE Board, and was an important voice of reason in those early days of...
Here are five key skills your clients wish your young associates had:        INDUSTRY RESEARCH AND COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS:  To best understand your clients, young lawyers must “get smart” about the relevant company, industry, product, etc. What products or services does the company sell? What are the revenues, sales volume, costs, and profits? How are these changing over time and why? What’s happening in your client’s industry, and how does your client’s experience...
I recently participated in a webinar on Mindfulness hosted by the Southeast PD Group, and it had escaped me about how useful that can be.  Many people are invited to webinars, and it’s easy to look at the date and time and file it in the pending box, but what’s actually easier is to press the registration button and look forward to learning something new that could help you in your trade.  What could be a better use of time for your professional career, and most webinars are free!...
Luckily, my first PDC conference was also my first PDC speaking opportunity.  What a great initiation to the PDC!  Before I set foot in San Francisco for the conference, I worked with some of the wonderful PDC event planners and organizers. They made planning the program easy and provided all the resources and assistance that I needed. I was impressed. And, I was impressed as an attendee. The PDC appeals to a range of interests and isn’t afraid to allow anecdotal programs to offer...
Okay, what’s the catch?  I asked myself that question a dozen times over the three days of the PDC’s annual conference this year.  I joined the PDC only a few months ago, so this was all new to me.  You’re telling me we gather 200 people from competing law firms across the country (around the world!  Shout out to our Canadian and Japanese members), and somehow they’re all willing to share info and collaborate?  The initially puzzling impression I had of PDCers was...
I’m back in my office after an amazing PDC Summer Conference feeling energized, creative, and connected.  The 2015 Summer Conference in San Francisco was my fourth PDC conference, and an amazing way to celebrate our organization’s 25th Anniversary – our first sold out conference! The event was jam-packed with interesting and innovative sessions. As a conference planning committee member, I know how hard we tried to develop different ways for people to connect with one another, to meet and...
As you may have heard, the Professional Development Consortium has a significant birthday this year.  It turns 25!  To help us honor this milestone, we asked PDC colleague Leslie Belasco to assist us in re-tracing steps back to 1990, when the PDC first got off the ground.  Leslie was the perfect person to ask.  Not only was she a participant from the beginning, she was a host!  The very first meeting occurred in her offices at ALI-ABA in Philadelphia (now called ALI CLE...
On behalf of the PDC Website Adhoc Committee, we are delighted to unveil the latest revision of the PDC website including our new blog. This is the PDC’s next step in our ongoing efforts to foster communication within the membership as outlined in the strategic plan. Our new site has robust features for both PDC members and visitors and it offers a clean, modern design, easy-to-navigate functionality, and a content-rich site experience.  The PDC will continually update and enhance as it...