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Okay, what’s the catch?  I asked myself that question a dozen times over the three days of the PDC’s annual conference this year.  I joined the PDC only a few months ago, so this was all new to me.  You’re telling me we gather 200 people from competing law firms across the country (around the world!  Shout out to our Canadian and Japanese members), and somehow they’re all willing to share info and collaborate?  The initially puzzling impression I had of PDCers was...
I’m back in my office after an amazing PDC Summer Conference feeling energized, creative, and connected.  The 2015 Summer Conference in San Francisco was my fourth PDC conference, and an amazing way to celebrate our organization’s 25th Anniversary – our first sold out conference! The event was jam-packed with interesting and innovative sessions. As a conference planning committee member, I know how hard we tried to develop different ways for people to connect with one another, to meet and...
As you may have heard, the Professional Development Consortium has a significant birthday this year.  It turns 25!  To help us honor this milestone, we asked PDC colleague Leslie Belasco to assist us in re-tracing steps back to 1990, when the PDC first got off the ground.  Leslie was the perfect person to ask.  Not only was she a participant from the beginning, she was a host!  The very first meeting occurred in her offices at ALI-ABA in Philadelphia (now called ALI CLE...
On behalf of the PDC Website Adhoc Committee, we are delighted to unveil the latest revision of the PDC website including our new blog. This is the PDC’s next step in our ongoing efforts to foster communication within the membership as outlined in the strategic plan. Our new site has robust features for both PDC members and visitors and it offers a clean, modern design, easy-to-navigate functionality, and a content-rich site experience.  The PDC will continually update and enhance as it...
With the new PDC website, PDC now has its own blog, The PDC Link,  as a forum to share ideas and thoughts related to the legal PDC community. If you are a regular blogger or have never written one, you are invited to write for the PDC.  And this opportunity is an open invitation.  We want fresh content so anytime you are inspired to write, we want to hear from you.  So if you are in the middle of a training session and you think of a topic, write it.  Or perhaps you...