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Speak with Confidence: A Guide to Deliberate Practice for PDC Members

September 26, 2019

The PDC is pleased to announce a new Speaking Guide Resource, provided by Trusted Advisor Brian Johnson. 

Hear about the resource in his own words:


"It is gratifying to serve as a PDC Trusted Advisor, and I appreciate the opportunity to provide this new guide for PDC members. Speak with Confidence: A Guide to Deliberate Practice for PDC Members will give you a solid technique to control and coordinate your body, brain, and voice to help you communicate confidently whenever, and wherever, you are called upon to speak.

As I was putting the finishing touches on this book, and deciding upon up a title, I was reading PDC member Milana Hogan's excellent book titled, Grit, The Secret to Advancement: Stories of Successful Women Lawyers. It includes a paragraph early on about "deliberate practice," which is a key component that separates expert performers from the less proficient. Working hard to be better is not enough. You must deliberately practice targeted skills. That is what my book will help you do. Speak with Confidence: A Guide to Deliberate Practice for PDC Members is full of specific techniques that you can deliberately practice in order to make consistent improvement in your speaking skills.

If you're already a good speaker, I hope this book will make you even better. If you are intimidated by speaking to the attorneys at your firm, you will learn how to confidently confront each challenge. The goal of my book is to help you develop the grit to welcome, embrace, and thrive under that pressure."

This Resource is availible to PDC Members only. Please log in to access. 

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