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Persuasive Storytelling for All Professionals

October 5, 2023

1-2pm EST

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Winning attorneys organize their arguments into relatable stories with clear language and vivid detail. Those same techniques work outside the courtroom too. Learn how all legal professionals can present clear, actionable messages when it matters most. David Mann shares the secrets of simplifying complex information, streamlining important presentations to core messages, and motivating action by resonating on all levels with any audience, large or small.

Learning Objectives:

  • Simplifying complex material.
  • Making content relatable and resonant. 
  • Keeping core messages clear and persuasive


David Mann


Simple Message 

David Mann is a story specialist who teaches attorneys how to make an impact by clarifying their message. He has taught story construction and presentation to lawyers nationwide for over a decade. As a story specialist, David has helped lawyers develop and present their most persuasive case story for: wrongful death, trade secret theft, securities fraud, medical malpractice, criminal defense, and defamation. In 2012, David created a unique, specialized course for Loyola School of Law in Chicago on story construction and presentation for court, which he has taught over 30 times. He has also created a similar program for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, and he has served on the faculty of in-house trial practice programs for several large national firms. David has presented his full-day CLE program in 14 states, and he has been the keynote speaker for state bar conferences nationwide as well as in Canada and Northern Ireland. David lives in Minneapolis.


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