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Tips on Blended Learning Programs from the 2018 PDC Summer Conference

October 1, 2018

By Ian Nelson, Co-Founder, Hotshot


A compilation of the practical tips, ideas, and best practices on blended learning programs that PDC members discussed at the PDC 2018 Summer Conference.


I was a co-presenter at “Flipping the Conference: Blended Learning in Action,” a session at the PDC 2018 Summer Conference in Portland, Oregon. My co-presenters (Jodi Lucena-Pichardo and Anna Thea Bridge) and I promised the audience “no deck, no lecture, and no panel.”

Lots of PD teams are implementing blended learning programs, and we wanted everyone to learn from the collective knowledge of the attendees. So rather than subject the audience to a long lecture, we facilitated an interactive, collaborative session where people could share their experiences and learn from one another—which is the idea behind blended learning in the first place.

Before the session, we asked people to watch this video on the basics of blended learning. At the session, we talked through an exercise and then had a group discussion that covered the following topics:

  • What to use for pre-work
  • How to get partner buy-in
  • Motivating associates to do the pre-work
  • General tips and ideas for successful blended learning programs...

(To read more and for a downloadable version of the main takeaways from the session, continue to the Hotshot Blog.)