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PDC Committees

PDC committees support the programs, technologies, and people who make us the go-to organization for legal PD professionals. If you are looking to take your membership to the next level, consider volunteering with one of the groups below. 


Learn more about the Communications Committee.

  • Deepa Selvam (Co-Chair)
  • Jeanne Picht (Co-Chair)
  • Sarah Ayers
  • Kendra Brodin
  • Shannon Burke
  • Anjali Desai
  • Margee Fawley
  • Stephanie Felder
  • Aisha Greene
  • Bridget Huffstutler
  • Kemi Kuranga-Guzman
  • Roz Pitts
  • Kelly Ryan
  • Nicole Salama


Learn more about the Membership Committee.

  • Shuhana Khan (Chair)
  • Debbie Atlas
  • Lori Broderick
  • Ori Portnoy
  • Kristen Ramos
  • Johnna Story


Learn more about the Programming Committee.

  • Nakia Humphrey (Co-Chair)
  • Emily Leeson (Co-Chair)
  • Jennifer Caggiano
  • Lauren Hakala
  • Joshua Troy
  • Jeanne Picht
  • Matthew Galando
  • Lauren Hakala
  • Joshua Troy
  • Jeanne Picht
  • Matt Galando
  • Caroline Brownworth
  • Lena Capehart
  • Stephanie DeFalco
  • Catherine Dunbar
  • Deborah Glatter
  • Jim Lovelace
  • Sarah Kuhny
  • Susan Silverman
  • Lisa Schlappi


Learn more about the Technology Committee.

  • Larry Brown (Chair)
  • Julia Jackson
  • Stacey Spyropoulos

Growth and Revenue

  • Don Smith (Chair)
  • Jennifer Bluestein
  • Jeanne Picht


Learn more about the Nominations Committee.

  • Don Smith (Chair)
  • Milana Hogan


  • Don Smith (Chair)
  • Milana Hogan
  • Jane Williamson

Richard Pearson Award

Learn More about the Richard Pearson Award Committee.