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PDC Webinar: An Anthropological Approach to Crafting a Culture of Business Development

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This webinar is available free to members and non-members thanks to our generous sponsor: 
Lawyer BookBuilder - Lawyer Marketing & Business Development Program.


The holy grail in many firms is getting lawyers to behave in ways that support a collaborative, energetic, and aligned culture of business development that serve themselves, their clients and the firm.

In this program, special guest and cultural anthropologist Philip Folsom will partner with Trusted Advisor David H. Freeman, J.D. to discuss how leaders can apply lessons from history and nature to serve as “wizards behind the curtain” to grow a culture of greater kinship, sharing and engagement, using client development as the unifying theme.

Takeaways from this program include:

  • Explore and discover how to create an honor-based culture which is the engine for every elite, high performing team in history including every championship sports team and special forces unit in the military. 
  • Learn how to the build the foundation of your own honor-based culture with your unique shared vision, values and mission.
  • Learn the culture hacks to upgrade your four drivers of sustainable profit.
  • Learn the #1 culture variable underneath sustainable growth.
  • Explore and implement the two things you need to create intrinsically motivated employees.



Philip Folsom is an anthropologist, culture development expert, veteran, and CEO of Wolf Tribe. He is also the Co-Founder of Valor Resiliency Programs, a critically acclaimed PTSD prevention program for warriors and Co-Founder of K4, an international leadership and resiliency community for men.

Philip is known for his unique Tribe workshops that focus on the primary culture components of building healthy and high performing teams. His work regularly includes innovative adventure programming such as vision quests, caving, high ropes challenge courses, Zen archery, and workshops with real horses and wolves.

Philip Folsom’s reputation in the team development world is legendary. His in-person events and seminars have dramatically improved the lives of over 500,000 people. His current clients include Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Snapchat, Fox Pictures, Oatly and Space X.

Philip has sat on numerous boards including Red Bull’s High Performance Department. His work is regularly featured on television and podcasts. Philip works regularly with groups from USC and is a regular contributor to Marshall School of Business, including the Masters of Business for Veterans program. He lives with his wife and daughter in Venice, CA.


David H. Freeman, J.D., a long-time PDC Trusted Advisor, is a former practicing lawyer from New York, an award-winning consultant, and a two-time best-selling author.

He’s a member of the National Law Journal Hall of Fame for being voted the #1 business development consultant and coach in the United States for several consecutive years.

For nearly three decades, David has trained and coached well over 10,000 lawyers in over 200 law firms world-wide, he’s worked with nearly half of the Am Law 200, he’s the author and co-author of 14 books on law firm business development and leadership, and he is the creator of Lawyer BookBuilder, an online self-study program that shows lawyers how to become exceptional rainmakers.