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PDC Mission

The Professional Development Consortium (PDC) is an association of individuals who are responsible for developing and administering training and continuing professional development for lawyers and other professionals at law firms, law schools, government agencies and corporations.

In existence since 1990, this collegial group enjoys sharing ideas, strategies and best practices to improve the performance of lawyers and the profession.

The goals of the PDC are: 

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about the development of programs, materials and resources that will help PDC members provide high quality training and professional development programs within their organizations;
  2. To assist in the ongoing professional development of its members;
  3. To provide guidance for implementation of in-house professional development programs;
  4. To provide leadership and direction in the legal community on behalf of in-house professional development;
  5. To provide a voice for the PDC membership and its goals; and
  6. To guide outside providers to insure the development of training materials useful to in-house training and education.

PDC Bylaws:

To view the PDC Bylaws, click here