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Making Due Diligence Training More Engaging

April 3, 2019

By Katie Walter, Hotshot


How do you keep a new crop of associates engaged for a full week of orientation and “Lawyering 101” training?

Anna Thea Bridge, Director of Professional Development at Kramer Levin, tackled this question by using the flipped-classroom concept to enrich the onboarding experience for incoming Corporate associates.

It’s a learning model that Anna is passionate about, having led sessions on how to succeed with blended learning at the 2018 PDC Summer Conference. As she was planning the week-long Lawyering 101 program with her team and the practice heads, she wanted to switch some things up, recognizing that the week would be more successful if participants were given different formats and different ways of learning, as well as time to absorb information on their own.

One of the innovative approaches that she and her team implemented was to move one of the planned training sessions from straight lecture to an interactive discussion applying topics introduced in pre-work. This meant getting potential presenters on board, gathering the right pre-work to enable meaningful application of the concepts, and preparing speakers to work without a script or deck... 

(To read more and for a downloadable version of the main takeaways from the session, continue to the Hotshot Blog.)