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How to Welcome and Help New Hires to Thrive in Practice Webinar with Catie Fenn

September 26, 2023

1-2pm EST

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Welcoming, training, and adjusting new hires and junior associates to their legal careers is an integral part of practice management.  More and more junior lawyers are finding themselves overwhelmed with the nature of practice, or woo-ed by more flexible options for work. In order to retain, train and support lawyers, we need to set them up for success.  In this presentation, attendees will learn the tools, reflections, and practices to teach new hires and junior lawyers how to thrive in their practices and become happy lawyers. 

Learning Objectives:

  • To identify the biggest issues facing junior associates and new hires.
  • To learn the tools, strategies and reflections to share with junior associates and new hires to help them thrive in practice.
  • To equip PD lawyers with new strategies to inspire and engage new hires and junior associates.

About the Speaker:

Catie Fenn

Advocates' Society

Professional Development Lawyer

Catie Fenn is a seasoned litigator and coach for young professionals with a passion for empowering the next generation of attorneys. She specializes in imparting practical tools and strategies to help individuals discover greater ease and fulfillment in their legal careers.  Her workshops focus on cutting-edge methods to unlock passion and purpose within the practice of law.