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Sharon Meit Abrahams

Legal Talent Advisors, LLC

Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams is a legal talent development expert helping lawyers and law firms improve their productivity and profitability through professional development initiatives, coaching, and interactive workshops. With over 30 years of experience in the professional development and training function Sharon has seen it, fixed it, implemented it, and heard it all. She can be a second pair of hands with no ramp up time! 

Sharon can be reached at 786-252-8004 or

Sharon has written three books published by the American Bar Association, contributed to four other books and penned over 100 articles related to professional and business development in the legal profession. She has conducted over 250 seminars on a wide variety of topics for esteemed audiences at private law firms, ABA, ALA, NALP, local bar associations, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Northwestern, University of Virginia, University of Chicago and Duke Law Schools to name a few.

Because of her love of teaching Dr. Abrahams served on the faculty for a decade at the Center for Management Development at Florida International University. She also served as an adjunct professor in the doctoral program "Organizational Leadership" at Nova Southeastern University.

Sharon can help with the following Professional Development initiatives:

  • People focused:

    • 360 Degree Feedback Surveys
    • Career Coaching
    • Coaching Underperformers
    • Diversity & Inclusion Training
    • Leadership Development
  • Performance focused:

    • Associate Evaluation Systems
    • Attorney Improvement Plans
    • Lateral Integration Plans
    • Mentoring Programs
    • On-Boarding/Orientation
    • Sponsorship Initiatives
  • Productivity focused:

    • Exit Interviews
    • Promoted Partner Workshops
    • Retreat Planning
    • Succession Planning
    • Underperformer Management

Sharon has over 50 ready-to-go workshops for to all levels of attorneys and staff.  Here are a few:

    • 10 Top Strategies for Retaining Tomorrows Talent
    • 12 Elements of GREAT Management
    • Business Development Plan Workshop
    • Delegation: Helping Your Practice & People Grow
    • Enhancing your EQ
    • Feedback: A Tool to Enhance Performance & Motivation
    • Keeping Your Head Above Water: Stress Management in the Workplace
    • Managing Toxic Behaviors in the Workplace
    • Presentations that POP
    • Public Speaking 101 (with video review)
    • Reaching for the Stars: Goal Setting for Your Professional Career
    • Take the WORK Out of Networking
    • Tale of Two Associates: A Diversity Story
    • Leadership Skills for High Potentials
    • You Don’t Know SWOT About Your Practice
    • ZOOMing your Presentation to Success

Sharon can be reached at 786-252-8004 or