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PDC Membership

The PDC community is comprised of dedicated professionals working in a broad range of roles within the field of legal professional development, as well as our professional development colleagues in fields adjacent to the law. As of May 1, 2023, PDC has restructured and simplified our membership system to consist of two membership categories, Basic and Vendor Memberships, in addition to the  Trusted Advisor Membership Program. PDC continuously looks for ways to improve our organization and our offerings and we believe these new membership categories will provide even more value and connections for our members, allowing all of them to live up to our motto by doing what PDC members do best: Driving legal performance. See below for details about each membership category and visit our Member Benefits Page to learn more.

Basic Membership

Over the last several years, we’ve seen roles within legal professional development evolve and grow – with many of our members taking on additional scope and responsibility. Indeed, our membership includes individuals with significant responsibility in DE&I, well-being, pro bono, coaching, and talent management.

Basic membership is open to people who work in legal PD (defined broadly in scope) at the time of application whether at a law firm, law school, in-house legal department, government agency, or nonprofit organization. Alumni are eligible to maintain their membership in this category as long as they do not qualify for vendor membership.

Vendor Membership

We have also seen that many of our PDC colleagues want to remain connected to our incredible community after they transition to a non-legal setting or consultant roles.

To maintain those connections, we are introducing a new membership type. Members in the vendor member category own or work for a business of any kind, whether incorporated or not, that may advertise or provide paid PD-related services to PDC members or their organizations.  

Trusted Advisor Members

The PDC Trusted Advisor program offers a category of membership for a limited time to consultants and vendors who have been chosen through application and review.  For more information about the Trusted Advisor Program, click here.

Please view the table below to see all benefits of your PDC membership.

Member Benefit Table 

Membership Dues

Individual annual membership dues are for the membership year through April 30, 2024.  For organizations with four or more members, the fourth and additional members are eligible for 50% off membership. Fill out this form if you are renewing with a 4+ group, or need to add additional members. 

Please be advised that the 2023-2024 membership starts May 1, 2023, and goes until April 30, 2024.


**PDC understands the unique financial circumstances of government agencies, non-profit organizations, and law schools, and therefore offers a possible dues reduction on a case-by-case basis. Please email

Join Us

We welcome new members to join the PDC. The Membership Committee reviews new applications for membership monthly. 

Basic Membership - Click here to submit your application

Vendor Membership- Click here to submit your application