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Leading Hybrid Learning

June 9, 2021

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So, you finally figured out how to communicate effectively with your team and run successful training in a virtual environment. That's awesome! And now it's about to change. Deep breath, we got through one major shift in how we work and we can do it again. In this session from new PDC Trusted Advisor and Fringe PD Founder, Rachael Bosch we will dive into the practical tips for transitioning back to a half-and-half working world. We will explore topics like how to manage the return to in-person training events as well as continued best practices for learning in a mixed environment. As always, Rachael will apply brain science and the latest organizational research to ensure that you understand the why behind your behaviors as well as the how of implementation.


About our Presenter:

Rachael Bosch is the founder and managing director of Fringe Professional Development, which she started after more than a decade of service in law firm talent management. Rachael is an advocate for innovative and organizational professional development and is determined to help people communicate better at work!

Through her work at Fringe Professional Development, Rachael provides coaching, consulting, and training support to organizations and professionals across disciplines and experience levels. With a focus on interpersonal communication, she focuses on the topics of management, leadership, feedback, performance, managing up, civility, and inclusive communications. She provides creative solutions for individuals and organizations looking to advance in these areas. Rachael has developed training and coaching programs that engage even the most skeptical participants and utilize technology for efficiency and engagement. She provides customized and progressive programming to help ambitious, high-achieving professionals excel at work.