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Unleashing the Power of Cohort Groups – A Collaborative PDC Brainstorming Session

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Time: 1:00 pm EST



The holy grail of our profession is providing training that sticks.


Finding cost- and staffing-effective ways to make that happen is one of our great challenges, which is why developing internal accountability groups can be a powerful solution.


Not only can well-designed accountability, or cohort groups drive greater implementation and deeper learning, but they also have the added benefits of:


  • Orchestrating more lawyer-to-lawyer connections in a hybrid world.
  • Enhancing retention by creating closer bonds within peer groups.
  • Increasing cross-selling by enhancing the “know, like and trust” factor between lawyers who might not otherwise be connected.


In this one-hour webinar, PDC Trusted Advisor David H. Freeman, J.D. and Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams will facilitate a communal learning experience by engaging the attendees in a group discussion on best practices in designing and administering cohort groups for various populations and purposes in a firm.


Participants will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of why cohort groups should be considered as part of certain training programs.
  • Greater knowledge of what to avoid when implementing such programs.
  • Specific techniques for designing and implementing effective groups.


David will collect the results of this group brainstorming session into a report to distribute to PDC members, and as an additional bonus, one lucky attendee will receive David’s new online business development course, Lawyer BookBuilder, which they can gift to a budding rainmaker in their firm.


About the Presenters:


David H. Freeman, J.D. is a former practicing lawyer from New York, an award-winning consultant, and a two-time best-selling author. He’s a member of the National Law Journal Hall of Fame for being voted the #1 business development consultant and coach in the United States for several consecutive years.


David has trained and coached well over 10,000 lawyers in over 200 law firms world-wide, he’s worked with nearly half of the Am Law 200, he’s the author and co-author of 14 books on law firm business development and leadership, and he is the creator of Lawyer BookBuilder, an online self-study program that shows lawyers how to become exceptional rainmakers. David can be reached at


Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams is an international legal talent development expert with over 25 years of experience in success coaching for attorneys and executing high impact programs for law firms. As a talent development leader, she has handled every aspect of law firm life from onboarding and integration, through mentoring and substantive training to succession planning and exit interviews. As the Partner Whisperer she coaches underperforming attorneys to get them back on track. Known for engaging and educational programs, Dr. Abrahams is a sought-after keynote speaker, program facilitator and law firm advisor. She can be reached at