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Professional Development Consortium Welcomes New Trusted Advisors


PDC Media Contact: Amy Lotz, CAE


July 15, 2015 (McLean, VA) The Professional Development Consortium (PDC) is pleased to welcome four new members to its Trusted Advisor Program:

The PDC Trusted Advisor program is an invitation only program that encourages highly regarded legal professional development experts to share their knowledge and experiences with PDC Members through educational content, webinars and online idea sharing. The new Trusted Advisors join the original seven highly regarded legal professional development experts who will continue to serve in this advisory capacity. 

The PDC Trusted Advisor program was launched last summer to bring benefits to all facets of the PDC membership and legal PD profession. 

  • For our members, we are providing greater access to leading experts in legal professional development, deepening members' knowledge of core topics and refining their skills in areas that are essential to their work. 
  • For our Trusted Advisors, we are creating opportunities for them to deepen and expand their relationships with the PDC and our members. Many of these Trusted Advisors helped to create the field of legal professional development and to build the PDC, which in 2015 is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. 
  • For the PDC, we are further developing the educational programming and written content that make the PDC and its website the premier knowledge base for legal professional development.
  • For the field of legal professional development, we are advancing it towards a future that requires lawyers to find new and better ways to work with each other and serve our employers' clients.

"We're extremely proud of the PDC's Trusted Advisor program, which connects the PDC and leading thought leaders in legal professional development. The program's first year was a great success, and we look forward to even better things going forward," said Amy Hancock, PDC Chair. 

For more information about the PDC, please contact Amy Lotz, CAE, PDC Executive Director, at or 703-506-2027.

About the Professional Development Consortium (PDC): The PDC is a group of individuals working at law firms, law schools, government agencies and corporations who are responsible for creating and managing training and continuing professional development for lawyers and future lawyers. For more information, visit