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Visualize This! Using Visuals to Supercharge the Impact of Your Learning

January 29, 2019

Why are so many of our training and learning opportunities “talking head” or “voice-over PowerPoint text” when study after study shows that visual memory is far superior to auditory? Hear something, and three days later you will remember 10% of it. Add visuals and you will remember 65%. Our senses are designed to work together, so when these components are combined in a learning environment, the brain pays more attention and problem-solving capabilities are greatly increased. This webinar, led by PDC Trusted Advisor Steve Gluckman, will explore how we can leverage the power of visuals to supercharge the impact of our learning and development initiatives.


About Steve Gluckman:

Steve Gluckman is the founder and CEO of LawFirmElearning and the author of E-Learning for Law Firms, an best-selling book published by the American Bar Association.

In 2011, Steve was appointed by Harvard University to serve as Senior Fellow with Harvard’s Center for Business and Government.  Steve is a 2015 Catalyst #DisruptTheDefault award winner and previously served as President and Chief Knowledge Officer with ASI, a 350-person professional services firm recognized as one of America’s “Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises.” He also served as Senior Director of Professional and Organizational Development at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP – a NALP "Award of Distinction for Innovation and Technology" winner for online learning solutions developed to support Manatt’s lawyers and staff.

Steve was named a Trusted Advisor by the Professional Development Consortium in 2015 and has supported scores of AmLaw 200 law firms, corporations, associations, and federal agencies with a variety of award-winning online learning initiatives. He was appointed Special Advisor to the CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee in 2004 and authored an IBM-sponsored case study developed for Harvard University's "Leadership for a Networked World" program.

Steve holds an MPA from Harvard University and a B.S. in Computer Science and Information Science from the Watson School of Engineering in New York.