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The Summer Conference: A First Time Attendee's Perspective

September 17, 2015

Luckily, my first PDC conference was also my first PDC speaking opportunity.  What a great initiation to the PDC!  Before I set foot in San Francisco for the conference, I worked with some of the wonderful PDC event planners and organizers. They made planning the program easy and provided all the resources and assistance that I needed. I was impressed.

And, I was impressed as an attendee. The PDC appeals to a range of interests and isn’t afraid to allow anecdotal programs to offer color and perspective. The result is an incredibly informative conference filled with immediately implementable ideas presented by people you actually want to talk to. Which leads me to the PDC members: easily the most interesting conference attendees anywhere. Everything from law school to law firm to consultant. All the different perspectives allow for a rich discussion of cause, effect, and solution. 

So, when I stood up to present the program, I was speaking about a topic I’m passionate about to a group of people all interested in how my topic affected their passion. There isn’t a better audience anywhere. Thank you PDC and PDC members for making my first experience with the PDC such a memorable one.  

Catharine Du Bois
Greenberg Traurig, LLP