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The Power of Webinars!

October 8, 2015

I recently participated in a webinar on Mindfulness hosted by the Southeast PD Group, and it had escaped me about how useful that can be.  Many people are invited to webinars, and it’s easy to look at the date and time and file it in the pending box, but what’s actually easier is to press the registration button and look forward to learning something new that could help you in your trade.  What could be a better use of time for your professional career, and most webinars are free! 

The Southeast PD group scheduled this particular webinar in hopes to learn about Mindfulness and in turn be able to explain it to our attorneys and bring the growing concept into our firms, of course for the benefit of our attorneys.  We all typically use the valuable PDC listserv to ask for presenter recommendations, so when the recommendations come back and there are a few experts that you want to try, instead of contacting them for general information, why not ask to meet them in person via Skype, Blue Jeans or maybe even a quick webinar on what they do and what they can offer.  This would be a great way to see them in action and see if they would be a good fit for your firm.  Or better yet, get together with your local group members and plan a webinar together! 


And remember, the PDC also hosts monthly webinars that are free for our members.  Hope you can join your PDC colleagues and focus on your own professional development. 

By Lori Broderick, PDC Board Member, Sutherland Asbill and Brennan