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The PDC Summer Conference in Photos

August 9, 2016

Once again, we are pleased to announce that our Summer Conference from July 21-23 was an outstanding event, chock-full of opportunities to engage with industry experts, connect with peers, and even enjoy the Florida setting with a few fantastic social activities! PDC Members, First-Time Attendees, and Trusted Advisors alike all found plenty to learn, enjoy, and take home to share with their colleagues.

We could tell the story of the conference in words, but it’s a lot more fun to show photos, so scroll down for some of our favorite photos from the 2016 Summer Conference to see our PDC members in action!

Engaging in Outstanding Conference Sessions:

PDC Members, Trusted Advisors, and Guests present at the Summer Conference. Left Photo: Gene Gilmore, Tammy Patterson, Tom Leatherbury, Rodney Mueller and Whittney Beard present their plenary session on Shifting Paradigms To Improve Retention; Right Photo: Catharine Du Bois Presents her session on Legal Writing

Enjoying Social Activities with Colleagues:

PDC Members enjoy our Large Group Dinner and Sunset Cruise aboard the Naples Princess Yacht. Attendees took in views of the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico while enjoying a reception sponsored by Micron.

Connecting with PDC Members:

On the left, Members participate in one of the PDC Conference Roundtable, where attendees learn directly from each other. On the right, members of the PDC Board of Directors present during the Annual Business Meeting.