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2024 PDC Winter Intensive: Virtual Certificate Program: Experiential Learning Masterclass: Elevating Attorney Skills in a GenAI World

March 6 & 7 2024
1:00PM - 2:30PM EST



In an era where Generative AI technologies are reshaping the legal industry, the Experiential Learning Masterclass is an essential program for Professional Development leaders. This masterclass focuses on how to enrich and develop next-level associate training programs, ensuring that your firm’s lawyers are prepared for higher-level, more complex work as GenAI takes over more routine tasks. It covers practical ways to use GenAI itself as a powerful tool in designing and implementing these advanced, experiential training programs. At the end of the program participants will earn an Experiential Learning Certificate which can be used to help their own professional development and growth.

In addition, this program will start with a practical overview of GenAI to help ensure that participants understand key aspects and use cases of GenAI so as to be best prepared to take things to the next level by planning experiential programs.

Key Components of the Program:

  1. Navigating the GenAI-Transformed Landscape: A brief look at how GenAI is redefining the roles and responsibilities of associates, emphasizing the need for advanced skill development.
  2. A GenAI Overview: A look at the key platforms, explanations of important concepts and terms, and interactive demos of use cases for both lawyers as well as PD professionals.
  3. Crafting Experiential Learning Curriculums with GenAI: Learn how to use GenAI to create nuanced, practice and firm-specific training curriculums and plans. This includes developing tailored curriculums and training plans for various practice groups, from corporate to litigation, as well as business skills and other professional skills needed by associates.
  4. Creating GenAI-Driven Training Exercises and Hypotheticals: Learn how to use GenAI in constructing realistic, complex training exercises, simulations, and hypothetical scenarios that enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help lawyers learn by doing, saving partner time and moving away from lectures.
  5. Developing High-Value Legal Skills: Focus on developing skills that significantly enhance the value associates bring to their firm and clients.
  6. Aligning Training with Firm-Specific Strategic Goals: Guidance on aligning training programs with the firm’s culture, values, and strategic objectives, ensuring a relevant and impactful learning teaching and experience for everyone.

By participating in this masterclass, PD leaders will gain the expertise to not only prepare associates for a future alongside GenAI but to use GenAI itself as an innovative ally in designing and delivering dynamic, impactful training programs. This approach ensures that PD leaders are not only adapting to the changing landscape but are helping their firms shaping the future of legal training and practice.

To learn more about Ian view his TA profile on the PDC Website here. 



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