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2020 PD Summer Camp - Schedule

Schedule is subject to change; All events are in the Eastern time zone

Monday, August 3, 2020

12:30 pm Virtual Conference Check-in
Meet-up with PD Summer Camp attendees on the platform and acquaint yourself with the platform or network with other PD colleagues.
1:00 pm Welcome
1:15 pm DE&I Town Hall
2:15 pm Networking Break
2:30 pm Solution Showcase Presentation, presented by viGlobal
2:45 pm PDC Talk: Getting more done, together!
Hear perspectives from the junior, manager and director level on techniques and tactics for high functioning teams. Combining three lenses offers unique team insights for audience members of all experience levels… when was the last time you considered the teamwork needs from levels other than your own? Topics: 1) communication and collaboration best practices, including virtual team environments; 2) ensuring you and others are learning, growing and developing; 3) making it fun, including easy-to-implement gamified management tools; and 4) leading and inspiring with a vision.
Kristin Heryford
Professional Development Manager
Cooley LLP
Snega Selvaraj
Professional Development Assistant
Cooley LLP
3:05 PM Roundtable Networking & End

Tuesday August 4, 2020

11:00 am Health & Wellness Activity – Yoga
12:30 pm Virtual Conference Check-in
Meet-up with PDC Summer Camp attendees on the platform and acquaint yourself with the platform or network with other PD colleagues.
1:00 pm Welcome
1:05 pm “You’re So Articulate!”: How Microaggressions Can Dismantle Your Organization’s Professional Development and Diversity & Inclusion Goals
The random comments that we make, the pronouns that we use, the jokes that we share, and the assumptions that we “innocently” state are slowly and cumulatively making our co-workers and clients very uncomfortable. Moreover, it is likely that this behavior is causing professional development, economic, and reputational harm as injured parties silently leave our organizations. This dynamic session utilizes social science, current events, and role-playing to provide participants with a greater awareness of implicit bias and microaggressions. We will learn how to admit our biases, decrease our microaggressions, and increase our level of cultural sensitivity in order to foster a more inclusive and effective workplace environment.
Ama Karikari-Yawson
Founder and CEO
Milestales Publishing and Training and Development
Kourtney James
Director, Employer Relations and Development
University of Houston Law Center, Career Development Office
1:35 pm Solution Showcase Presentation, presented by Hotshot
1:50 pm Roundtable Networking 
2:00 pm Become Conflict Competent: How Miscommunication is Draining your Firm’s Resources
Creating mutual understanding is key to successful working relationships and avoiding costly miscommunication and conflict. Whether you're trying to resolve a potentially explosive employee issue, develop high-performing client teams, or negotiate with clients/adversaries, being conflict competent is essential to ensuring your firm is working at their best. To compound this, attorneys who deal with conflict daily in their practice can be ill-equipped to effectively communicate around firm management, performance management, and expectation-setting.      This Session guides PD professionals ready to model conflict competency behaviors and to teach their attorneys to proactively handle issues which drain firm resources: productivity, people, and money.
Julie G Holunga
Chinook Executive Solutions
2:30 pm Telecommuting Successfully – A Business Need Beyond Flex
To stay competitive in terms of talent management and business effectiveness, firms need to create and promote successful telecommuting programs.  Using data, trends and insights from our 2019 Law Firm Flexibility Insight Interview Study and drawing on specific case studies, we will demonstrate the business case for telecommuting and important features leading to success.  We will then discuss specific ways Professional Development and D&I professionals can promote effective telecommuting at their firms including tips on drafting policies/guidelines, best practices for telecommuters regarding effectiveness and professional development, best practices for managers, and common challenges and ways to overcome them.
Manar Morales
CEO & President
Diversity & Flexibility Alliance
Rebecca Baumgartner
Senior Manager of Professional Development & Inclusion 
Ogletree Deakins
3:00 pm Roundtable Networking & End

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

11:00 am Health & Wellness Activity - PDC Walk
12:30 pm Virtual Conference Check-in
Meet-up with PDC Summer Camp attendees on the platform and acquaint yourself with the platform or network with other PD colleagues.
1:00 pm Welcome
1:05 pm PDC Talk: Projecting authenticity, when running a meeting or running for POTUS
Lawyers don’t lack for high-consequence communication situations. Winning business, negotiating deals, persuading the judge/jury – these scenarios hinge on the ability to project power and presence, but authentically. Sharing insights from consulting on two presidential elections as well as his current position as senior communication strategist for the Andrew Yang 2020 campaign, Trusted Advisor Michael Hoeppner from GK Training will teach actionable, instant techniques to speak with authenticity when stakes are highest. Hoeppner will share tips from presidential debate prep, dissect his research on five components of authentic vocal variety, and lead interactive exercises to identify and improve participants’ limiting patterns.
Michael Hoeppner
GK Training
1:25 pm Solution Showcase Presentation, presented by Practising Law Institute (PLI)
1:40 pm Roundtable Networking 
2:05 pm Disrupting Bias - Mindfulness Tools to Support Recipients of Bias
The conversation on bias largely centers around the biases that each person in the workplace holds. What we introduce here instead are tools for bias victims (or recipients) to cope with managing the impact of the cumulative burden of bias to support the engagement and retention of impacted individuals. How do we manage these aggressions skillfully so we can mitigate the harm to ourselves of internalizing this stress? How do we process these scenarios and develop tools to support women and diverse professionals? Using mindfulness and compassion practices as the underlying framework on how to first invite caring for ourselves, we focus on ways to support wisely "responding" rather than "reacting" to circumstances as they come up.
Rudhir Krishtel
Professional Coach / Facilitator / Speaker
Krishtel LLC
2:35 pm Lessons in "Showing Up" as a Leader Every day
Who is a leader?  Anyone who acts to make a positive impact on what we and others do.  This includes the one(s) in the “front of the room” and others “in the room” who make a positive impact.  For all of us in legal PD, this means we have opportunities to stretch our leadership muscles every single day.  This session will examine ways to do so.  As a starting point, what is “the stake” – or guiding North Star – behind a particular initiative?  Also, leadership suffers if it is solitary.  What are ways that we can co-lead – indeed co-create – with others?
Jim Lovelace
Director of Talent Development
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
Katrin Windsor
Executive Coach
The Windsor Group
3:05 pm Roundtable Networking & End

Thursday, August 6, 2020

11:00 am Health & Wellness Activity - Barre Class, facilitated by The Bar Method - North Denver
12:30 pm Virtual Conference Check-in
Meet-up with PDC Summer Camp attendees on the platform and acquaint yourself with the platform or network with other PD colleagues.
1:00 pm Welcome
1:05 pm Diversity Sponsorship Law Firm Programs
Sponsorship is critical to the retention and advancement to partnership of associates at law firms.  We will discuss the differences between mentorship and sponsorship and why many women and diverse associates are over-mentored and under-sponsored.  We also will discuss the structure and the lessons learned from the innovative 2019 Pilot Sponsorship Program created without outside assistance by Farella, Braun + Martel that involves a Sponsor-Protege relationship that is supported by a team that includes decision-makers at the highest level of the firm (from the Firm Chair, Advisory Board, Industry Group Leaders and Practice Area Leaders), business development coaching and client involvement.  Please come prepared to explore the concept of sponsorship at law firms and learn about the Farella experience at a mid-sized firm (120 attorneys) and lessons learned for the future.
Sarah Good
Of Counsel, Director of Professional Development, Diversity Equality & Inclusion
Farella Braun & Martel LLP
1:35 pm Solution Showcase Presentation, presented by Praktio
1:50 pm Roundtable Networking 
2:10 pm Presence for People: Women's Professional Presence and Escaping the Double Bind
Attracting, cultivating, and retaining top female talent is essential for law firms in 2020. Empowering female leaders to communicate with power has never been more important, but beyond the statements what are the strategies for women lawyers to navigate the double bind and project strong, authentic presence? In this workshop, trainers from GK use their signature kinesthetic learning methods to teach participants new skills for coaching the female leaders they support or executing the skills themselves. Attention will be paid to the following: interjecting in conversations, melodic variation (understanding "upspeak"), conditional language without compromising, "softening" tone and more.
Hilary Kole
Vice President
GK Training
2:40 pm Kick up your PD Programming by Stirring in BD for Flavor
Every time you bring groups of attorneys together for learning kick it up a notch by stirring in some business development. Your firm invests in training and development so show them that these sessions can add to the bottom line. A well-designed program can serve as big pot in which everyone can add flavor.
Sharon Meit Abrahams
Legal Talent Advisors, LLC
3:10 pm Roundtable Networking & End
8:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. Virtual Karaoke Party, Sponsored by Hotshot
Just because we can't all be together in person this year doesn't mean we need to stop the karaoke party tradition! The summer conference wouldn't be the same without hearing Burt sing "City of New Orleans," or the duets belting out Broadway tunes. Join the Hotshot team and come prepared to listen in, sing along, and have some fun! And anyone in your household is welcome to join the party - the more the merrier!

Friday, August 7, 2020

11:00 am Annual PDC Membership Meeting 
12:30 pm Virtual Conference Check-in
Meet-up with PDC Summer Camp attendees on the platform and acquaint yourself with the platform or network with other PD colleagues.
1:00 pm Welcome & 30th Anniversary Celebration
2:00 pm Roundtable Networking 
2:15 pm Two Herds with One Stone: How Collaboration Promotes Lawyer Well-Being
In 2019, law firms dramatically increased their attention on how to promote lawyer well-being. In parallel, psychology and neuroscience researchers are demonstrating that various forms of social connection can promote well-being. Foremost among them is collaboration. As Heidi Gardner’s research has shown, lawyers who collaborate attain financial, status-enhancing, and career progression benefits. In this session, Heidi and Larry will show how collaboration also powerfully fosters wellness, and will provide 3 proven strategies for doing so.  They will challenge audience members to consider specific, concrete actions they can personally take to foster well-being through enhanced collaboration.
Dr. Larry Richard
Founder and Principal Consultant
LawyerBrain LLC
Heidi Gardner
Distinguished Fellow
Harvard Law School
3:15 pm Closing remarks
3:20 pm Roundtable Networking & End