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The PDC Community

The PDC membership community is composed of six types of professionals from different sectors of the legal professional development field, and also from professional development sectors in other industries. 

An application is required to join the PDC. Applicants must meet the criteria of at least one of the categories below to be eligible for membership in the PDC. 

Member ApplicationBenefits of Membership

Law Firm and In-House Members

  • Law firm and in-house professionals who oversee the professional development function or otherwise devote the majority of their time to managing various professional development initiatives.
  • Practicing attorneys who have oversight of or devote a significant amount of their time to attorneys’ professional development.

Law School Members

  • Law school professionals devoting the majority of their time to developing and managing the professional and practice-oriented skills of future lawyers (This does not include general career placement professionals).

Government Members

  • Government professionals devoting a significant amount of their time to developing and managing various professional development functions.

Supporting Members

  • Law firm, law school, and government professionals who spend the majority of their time supporting legal professional development functions.
  • Law firm, law school, and government professionals with less than 2 years of experience in the legal PD industry. 

Alumni Members

  • Former PDC members who have left their previous position that qualified them for membership under another category, who wish to stay connected to the PDC.

Alliance Members

  • PD professionals responsible for professional development and training in other professional services industries.

Membership Dues

 Annual Membership Dues for the PDC are as follows:

Member Category Dues Rate

Law Firm Members
Supporting Law Firm Members
Alliance Members

Alumni Members $150

Government Members
Supporting Government Members
Law School Members
Supporting Law School Members


For private law firms with four or more members, the fourth and additional members will carry a $75 per member annual fee.

The PDC offers pro-rated dues payments for members who join the PDC outside of the annual dues renewal cycle.